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Introduction: Welcome!

The internet is a wonderful resource, providing millions of articles, pictures, and media, on every single topic an individual seeks to find. Coming from the experience of a high school student, my interest in environmental conservation, activism, and policy, was sparked at a very young age. However, searching on the internet can sometimes be overwhelming, out of the hundreds of thousands, which should I read?

Hopefully, this blog presents itself as a resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about the many aspects and layers of environmentalism. Whether a reader is looking to learn about the effects of climate change on the oceans, or our own futures, or what the common individual can do to help, this blog will provide helpful answers.

On the topic of global conservation, activism, or even the small efforts that lead to big change, there is so much to discover! As someone who has been passionately following scientists, activists, and bloggers since I realized the magnitude of the issue in elementary school; I hope that his blog will help provide an easily accessible avenue to the massive community of environmental activists.

I’m glad you’ve found us, and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride 🙂

– Sofia Manriquez