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How I Got Involved

My family has always been pretty good about recycling and conserving water, since we live in a desert. When I was little my parents really did not like, and rarely did, buy me plastic toys. At the time it was vey frustrating but now I obviously understand why they were so reluctant. A barbie would’ve only made me happy for about a month and then I would maybe give it away, but eventually it would be thrown away, simply adding to plastic waste. Now, in school lunches I take all of my food in reusable containers, as to not produce so much plastic. I hardly ever pack individually wrapped snacks, like fruit cups, and I rarely take food in a Ziploc. If I do take food in a Ziploc (sometimes containers are too bulky) I don’t throw it away, I take it home, rinse it out, and reuse, it simple and easy, if you show a little effort.


Recently, I had to do a project in my science class where we found information on a certain biome, my biome was the Great Barrier Reef and how humans where affecting it. I had always known that the reef was suffering but learning more on it really shocked me. So I took a little time to learn about other sites in the world and I decided that something had to change, that it wasn’t fair that earth’s future was being determined by plastic and pollution that with a little effort, could be contained.


So really, doing a little research opened up my eyes, and showed me that if someone like me who had already had background in being conservative could learn so much and improve on just a little research, everybody else could too. I’m hoping this blog helps people to think more about how much plastic they are buying and throwing away, because with a little effort, plastic waste could be contained, helping our oceans and ultimately the whole world.

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