About Me

Why Ocean Conservation Matters to Me

I love love LOVE the ocean, but I also care about my future as well as everybody else’s. The beach is somewhere I can have fun with my friends and sea new creatures, seeing a Cheetos bag floating around disgusts me. I’m serious, every time I go to the beach I sea wrappers in the water or even a whole plastic grocery bag stuck in kelp. And this is something I think people do not understand, we aren’t going to face consequences in the future, we are ALREADY facing consequences, and we need to act NOW. If I’m seeing plastic floating around, and I live in a pretty clean place, I can only imagine how rough it is on other countries’ coasts! Imagine how it’ll be in ten years, how it’ll be in 50 years? What if future generations can’t enjoy the beach because of this generation’s laziness? For me it’s depressing, because it isn’t fair, it’s very frustrating. That’s why ocean conservation matters to me, because some people aren’t even trying, they aren’t even showing the slightest bit of effort, and the victims are going to be honest and hopeless!

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