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Choosing a Sunscreen

Remember this word, oxybenzone. Now every time you go to pick a sunscreen and it has oxybenzone in its ingredients, don’t even consider it. “But its tear free? It’s water resistant! It’s great for kids!” THAT DOESN’T MATTER. Just kidding, of course it does. But there are many sunscreens that have recently been developed that are ten times better, they have “tear-free” “water resistance” “fragrance free” “hypoallergenic” etc.! But most importantly, Oxybenzone is NOT an ingredient. Instead ingredients such as “zinc oxide”, as well as organic names you may know like “aloe Vera” “sunflower” even “avocado”!


These sunscreens are often a lot better for the human skin and are said to be more comfortable. They’re also SO much better for the ocean, specifically the coral reefs, which are dying in the thousands because of just drops of detrimental sunscreens. The only down side would be the price, natural and non-harmful sunscreens are going to be a little more expensive, but not too much. But it’s such a better way to go, you are helping your skin as well as the oceans and their inhabitants, in the long run it’s actually a lot cheaper. So I strongly suggest you switch sun protection providers if you’re using sunscreen with chemicals like oxybenzone, or any “oxy”s in general, because they’re going to be a lot more harmful for you as well as the environment. 


A sunscreen my family buys that works really well is “Babo Botanicals Sheer Zinc Sunscreen”, this brand comes in cream, sunscreen face bar, as well as spray. This sunscreen has no oxybenzone, and has organic ingredients for sensitive skin, it’s light and comfortable, I highly recommend it.

Purchase Link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ALT5MKW/ref=sr_ph_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1466369397&sr=sr-1&keywords=babo+botanicals+sunscreen

Babo Botanicals sunscreen 

If you are unconvinced on the importance of ditching Oxybenzone, go to the tab in this blog that says “Ocean Pollution” and read the post called “the Sunscreen Fiasco” 🙂



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