Ocean Pollution

Introduction to Ocean Pollution

Among other problems, ocean pollution is one of the largest crises the world is facing. Whether it’s litter blown into the ocean, or harmful chemicals such as oil contaminating our salty habitat under the sea, it’s all considered oceanic pollution. We are obviously the largest producer of pollution, causing in murky destruction. Of course I am taking into account that we are a very large population and we must produce some waste, but we should not be producing near as much as we do, and even if it is true, it’s important for people to be aware.


The Following facts are to help make you aware of what may not be so obvious, you will be shocked, but I can promise you it’s all true, and it’s happening right now.


For more information that is more numerical, look under the “statistics” tab. Statistics do a good job of explaining clear facts, but these ones might make you a bit sad.

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