What We Can Do to Help

Introduction to What We Can Do to Help

It’s on us. Well, maybe not all of it, but most of it. About 80% of ocean pollution is caused by land activities, aka us, according to the World Wildlife Fun (wwf.panda.org). So that means we’re pretty bad. And the frustrating part is that one person is NOT going to make a difference, not in a population of 7+ billion. A whole neighborhood won’t even make a difference, not right away anyhow. But if you and your family put some effort into conservation and recycling, and you tell neighbors, friends, family, and then they pass it on, NOW we’re covering a lot of people. The cool part is that it’s fairly simple, the important part is that it’s NECESSARY. There is SO much we can do, but we need to come together.


It’s really easy, trust me. Scroll down to read easy ways to make a difference, and then maybe even click a button a share the idea, let’s make a difference, and I prefer we do it NOW.

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