Ocean Pollution · What We Can Do to Help

Ditch the Bottle

A plastic water bottle is convenient for if you want a drink for a soccer game or an easily accessible form of hydrating, it’s convenient and a fast short cut, but that’s where the pros end. Some might say that they prefer bottled water because of its cleanness, and purity, something the tap cannot produce, but this has been proven to be untrue. Most families in the United States have access to a tap, and the U.S is careful to make sure its tap water is sterile and healthy, so there is no need to worry! There goes one excuse.


I would say it’s okay to snatch a bottle once in a blue moon, I get it, sometimes we just need quick and easy. However that is NOT the standards at which people are consuming plastic water bottles. The U.S (as well as the rest of the world) uses way to much plastic bottles and it’s beginning to become a dangerous problem. Thankfully there’s an easy solution.


It would be extremely helpful if instead of buying a pack of plastic water bottles, people would simply buy a couple reusable water bottles. The really special and cool thing about reusable bottles is that you can put any type of drink in them, not just water, which also saves plastic bottles used for juices, sodas, and energizers. Many times, a reusable bottle also has the ability to keep your drink cold or hot, depending on your desire.



Using a reusable bottle versus a disposable bottle would also save plenty of money, because when you buy a plastic water bottle you are also paying for the bottle, which is quickly disposed of. With a reusable bottle you are simply paying for the liquid you wish to fill with. Of course a reusable bottle costs more than a plastic water bottle, but that money would quickly pay for itself. You also save money because since you are throwing away (or perhaps recycling) the disposable bottle, you’re using trash bin space, which costs money. Finally, you save money because you save time, there are plenty of things you could be doing instead of going to the store, and you’ll also avoid driving which will save you car expenses. You see? Reusable bottles are the BEST, that’s what the cool kids use.



If you aren’t quite fond with the idea of buying a reusable bottle (although I highly suggest you do), I really encourage you to recycle your plastic water bottle. Plastic is a tricky product that cannot be broken down, and does not biodegrade. The average water bottle has a lifespan of 450 years, it’s an unfair advantage to a vicious villain. The U.S recycle rate is unacceptably low at 23%, only about 10% of plastic water bottles get recycled. You know, it’s not impossible to raise that number. I see people walk by a recycle bin and a trashcan that are NEXT TO EACH OTHER and they still throw the bottle into the trash, like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Please don’t be that person, and if the recycle is 10 steps further, move and dunk it, you might be saving a turtle’s life.



Finally, something else you can do to improve your guilt (which I hope you have evry time you buy a plastic bottle), is reuse the plastic bottle you buy, refill it, maybe even with a different fluid. There is not problem in reusing a bottle, it is not a one-time use, and then afterwards you can recycle it! Like, that’s an okay scenario, filling up a bottle and then after a couple uses recycling it; it’s the best you can do with the purchase of a plastic water bottle.



Thank you for at least reading up on a few simple ways you can help, it will make a difference, and it’ll make an even bigger difference if you share the ideas J , as well as follow up on them.

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