How Ocean Pollution Affects Us · The Consequences of Ocean Pollution

Plastic Pollution: How It’s Bad for Our Health

We are all connected, all of the sea stars,  parrots, trees, ocean pollution, and us, we’re all one big confused and desperate family. So don’t think that you can avoid recycling and not have karma poisoning your food, literally.


Just think, that plastic water bottle, plastic bag, plastic fork, you threw away last weekend, it might just be in a fish’s stomach, or parts of it at least. Unless you’re vegetarian, that plastic rubbish may end up being consumed by, you guessed it, you. Allow me to break it down. Everyday, an intense amount of plastic is swept up in ocean currents, and transported around the sea, eventually menacingly floating around. Since plastic DOES NOT BIODEGRADE, small pieces of plastic often become a horrible dinner for an unfortunate sea creature. A sad 100,000 sea turtles and birds a year die from the intoxication of plastic decay. But the fish lucky enough to survive a hard night, are swept up by fish nets and transported to, eventually, a fish market or store. Then an unknowing parent pays the price for a “tasty” dinner and goes home to cook up a fish with a sad biography. Later on that adult may question what he ate that night, but later forget, but plastic doesn’t forget, it actually never biodegrades.


So even though that the amount of plastic you consumed was minimal, you could later face the consequence of immune system problems, birth defects, brain development, obesity, and even cancer. It’s a dangerous loop, and quite ironic considering it’s our fault for not putting in a little effort to use a reusable water bottle, or a reusable grocery bag.


There are also many other consequences for us humans, but that’s for another time.




Ideas brought from a website on Geology and Human Health


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