Wildcoast “Costa Salvaje” Baja Bash 

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a dinner with my parents and friends. The dinner was a celebration for the success of a non-profit organization(Wildcoast) in conserving the oceanic habitats of Baja California. Along with the savory food, the event was filled with people who cared about the protection of our coasts and people who were eager to help. It was a learning experience for me to learn what the company had accomplished, and that there is after all hope if we one together.
One of the accomplishments the event talked about was that there efforts form the past had payed off and they experienced the return of thousands of sea turtles, they also saw improvement in the life of grey whales. Wildcoast has encouraged the coasts of Baja California to protect their waters by making them part of a natural reserve, allowing sea life to recoup from destructive cruise ships and tourists. I did not catch many exact details because I was not taking notes, however I was really impressed with how much good they had done, and it made me really hopeful because they were definitely determined to do more.


Something else the organization was enforced in was electric boats. At the event there were many electric mini boats that had been raced earlier (I did not arrive early enough). It was really impressive how much better electric boats where than the usual oil/gas boats. And it was really special for me to see so many people care about what was happening to marine life and what they could do to help.

I’m really glad I went to this event, I have not ever gone to an event quite like it, but I had a blast! It was a really fantastic night.

Check Wildcoast out to learn more about the awesome organization.  http://www.wildcoast.net/

Wildcoast Costa Salvaje 2016 Baja Bash!
I had a wonderful time with my beautiful friends!

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