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The Competition Between Plastic and Fish

It’s fascinating how fast our world is changing, just 20 years ago hardly anyone had cell phones, now look around! Imagine how different our world will be in just another 40 years, many things will be different, for the better, and for the worst. I came across a shocking discovery a little while ago that by 2050 there is supposedly supposed to be more plastic than fish in our oceans (by weight). To me, that knocked me off my feet! How could there be MORE PLASTIC than FISH?!?! I was really shocked, and now I have looked more into it, to confirm what I had heard. And although I was hoping to not find confirmation, I did. 



After reading an article posted by the Washington Post, the horrifying predicted statistic was proven correct. A study claims that if the predicted rates for plastic production continue and we do not improve our plastic disposing ways, by 2050 there WILL be more fish by the pound compared to plastic (by the pound) in our beloved oceans. There won’t be the same amount of plastic; there will be MORE (plastic). Remember that saying, “swim with the fish”, we’ll soon be saying “swim with the plastic”, which quite frankly, doesn’t sound quite as appealing to me. 


According to a report, “more than 70 percent of the plastic we produce is either put in a landfill or lost to the world’s waterways and other infrastructure” (Washington Post). Currently, plastic production claims 6% of global oil consumption, a percentage that is predicted to grow to 20% by 2050. About 1% of global carbon budget (the maximum amount of emissions the world can produce to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius) is source of plastic production, this percentage will grow to 15% by 2050. These numbers are growing growing growing, and drastically. To conclude, by 2050 (our favorite year), plastic production (of plastic products) will have tripled from the amount of plastic produced in 2014, if we do not act now. 


These numbers are unacceptable, and must not come true. Our world is going to be a whole different planet in the upcoming decades, and it’s imperative that we act NOW.



Thank you 



Information credits to Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com)

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