Ocean Pollution · What We Can Do to Help

Back-to-School Special: Helpful Ways to Keep Our Oceans Blue!

Hello! As summer comes to an end for most of us it’s time to go back to school. it’s important that we are always aware and active on conserving our world, here are some helpful ideas on how to keep our oceans blue!



From my experience, most schools (k-12) are located conveniently near many neighborhoods, and many times students can walk or ride their bike to school. Although you may find yourself tired and lazy in the morning, going outside and taking a little more time to walk saves a lot of air pollution if you do it often, plus it’ll help wake you up and start your day on the right foot (for me it does). The pollution produced by cars mixes into what eventually turns into rain, and rain falls everywhere, including the ocean! Walking to and from school can also be really fun, with a friend(s), or alone. I love doing it because it gets my mind rolling and makes me feel better about helping our environment.


Packing a lunch:

It’s important to have a nutritious lunch to fuel your brain, and if you can follow these guidelines it’ll be a lot better for our oceans too!

  • pack your munchies in reusable containers. It’s important to limit the amount of trash we produce, and packing with reusable containers instead of a plastic (ziplock) bag or tinfoil will help decrease the amount of trash you produce.
  • refrain from buying/packing individually packaged snacks (fruit snacks, yogurt, chips). Although they are convenient, over the whole school year one bag of chips everyday adds up to a lot of trash. It’s better to buy in bulk, so instead of buying a yogurt cup, buy a bucket of yogurt and then put however much you want into a reusable container. Or if you want to pack some goldfish just buy a big bag and then pack it into a plastic container!
  • use a reusable lunchbox! Instead of packing your lunch in a paper/plastic bag that’ll you’ll throw away after eating your lunch, buy a reusable lunchbox! Reusable lunch boxes are very helpful because they can keep your food cold/hot and successfully keep your food safely sipped up. You’ll save a lot of paper and help conserve trash, and you can usually buy a good quality one for $10-15.
  • Take a drink in a reusable bottle! Juice boxes, gatorades, and water bottles are a convenient and easy way to pack a drink, but in the long run those bottles/boxes can add to pollution. Taking your fluid in a reusable bottle can help keep your drink refreshingly cold for those hot school says, as well as conserve our seas!

Although you may not be convinced by these efforts, I promise you they will make a huge and powerful difference! it’s alright to sometimes skip a couple guidelines, but most of the time you want to make sure you’re making the best choice to enjoy the best lunch and make your days at the beach happier.


Schoolwork and homework:

Nowadays with technology so advanced many schools are adapting to technology for classwork, homework, and assignments. Although you may get an old-school teacher who prefers paper. If you have the option, try and do your work electronically instead of on paper. And if you are using paper, make sure to take up a full page and both sides, no paper wasted! If your teacher hands back work make sure it eventually ends up in a recycling bin, not a trash can, so that hopefully it can be reused!


Your actions at school:

DO NOT LITTER. I’m sure your school has a rule about this dirty action, but I still se it often. Littering is not cool, make sure your trash ends up in the trash bin and not around school. Not only will this keep your school clean, but if a bird picks it up and transports it or eats it, damage could be done. Untaken care of trash can be washed into a sewer by rain, eventually found floating in the ocean, which is something we definitely want to avoid. So please throw away your trash in a bin, it’s what the true cool kids do.


Thank you for taking your time to learn more about what you can do to help to make your schooldays have a better affect on our planet and seas, trust me, it means a lot! It’s fun to be someone that puts effort into doing the right thing, it just feels great!


Hoping your school year goes awesome 🙂



PS – School or work, these helpful hacks apply! Actually, they work for anything, so by all means, just do them 24/7!

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