Ocean Pollution

Proposition 67 Passed! Hooray!

Sorry for not posting much the past month, I promise to start posting more often again.


I’m happy to come back on a good note! Proposition 67 passed with the new election and proposition results! Proposition 67 is a ban in California on large grocery stores and pharmacies from providing plastic single-use carryout bags, continuing effect on small grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores as well the following year. This is a huge movement for conservation on the part of California, one of the few exciting outcomes of the ballots!


Although the proposition does allow “one-use” bags for meat, bread, produce, bulk food, and perishable items, at least it eliminates the distribution of the reckless plastic monsters for carry out bags!


To provide an alternative for customers, one that I’ve always encouraged (and have done for a very long time with my family), stores are required to provide recycled, compostable, reusable bags, with only a $0.10 charge. In my opinion I believe this to be extremely reasonable, however I hope stores further advertise bigger and better quality reusable bags that will appeal to more people due to their convenient powers to keep food (perishable) cold. Because even though they may be a bit more expensive in the short run, the long run will be much more helpful and beneficial for both sides.


Money collected from the tax of the new and improved grocery bags would go towards replenishing the costs of non-plastic bags and educating consumers. The proposition (67) also provides a way around the tax, in the form of a payment card or voucher issued by the California Special Supplemental Food Program, it would diminish the tax on the bags for the customers with the special card/voucher. This act would accumulate $2million to state plastic bag manufactures for the purpose of helping them keep the possibly lost jobs and assist them to creating thicker, multi-use, recycled plastic bags. Although it is unclear who would be eligible for this voucher/ticket-around-the-charge it would be of interest for many I’m sure.


Unfortunately this proposition only applies for California, I wish it applied for the entire country, even the whole world! But slowly and surely we will get there 🙂


It was a tight vote, the results were close to not passing unfortunately, but we don’t have to worry about it now! To see the exact statistics please click on the statistics link in the dropbox provided by the “Ocean Pollution” tab!


It’s sad for me to say that this proposition was one of the few pros to November 8th, unfortunately the person who has been announced to be our new president takes climate change much too lightly, there are very possible consequences coming this way for our oceans, as well as the rest of our dying world. More on this topic next week, tune in!


Please also visit my “What We Can Do to Help” tab for links on good quality reusable bags for future grocery trips!


Thank you! Happy November!




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