Introduction: About This Blog

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Hello, the environmentalist community welcomes you!

There are MANY resources and articles across the internet published by credible scientists, activists, and institutions. However, sometimes these sources can seem a bit overwhelming to the common eye who may be simply looking for an easy read. By creating this blog I hope the readers can access easy-to-understand articles that have synthesized and pulled information from credible sources to provide interesting facts on global conservation.

Planet Earth is a miraculously complex planet filled with wonders that humans have only begun to uncover. Nevertheless, it’s also in grave danger, but since you’re here I assume you already knew this! Hopefully, this blog can help you learn something new and perhaps even inspire you to take action in the global fight against climate change.

Thanks for joining us! (Don’t forget to sign up through email to stay connected)

Published by Sofia Manriquez

Founder of I'm passionate about all things environmental, although I've always had a particular connection with the ocean since I've grown up loving the beach. I would love to collaborate with others and meet friends who share environmental passions!

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