Introduction: Why

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Over humanity’s history, we have faced massive challenges like hunger, poverty, religious/cultural prosecution, and more. Unfortunately, we continue to face many of these issues even in the modern age. However, climate change poses a massive threat to humanity’s survival, along with the populations of flora and fauna across the globe.

One of the many reasons climate change is such a massive global threat is that it does not discriminate, it will not only affect a select group of people (although some communities/regions will be undeniably affected first), climate change is a war that endangers humans of all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life.

Climate change has been around for eons, the Earth’s climate is not stagnant and never will be. However, human actions have undeniably led to the unnatural dramatic change commonly known as global warming, and therefore, it is up to us to realize the consequences.

Scientists have grown alarmingly worried in the recent decades of the escalating effects of climate change, and what they mean for our future. Thankfully, this worry has spread throughout countries as more people have become more involved in speaking out about what must be done.

So why? Because although we would love to call Earth our home it does not belong solely to us, we share it with billions of other forms of life, and if we do not act quickly our toxic impact will be irreversible. “Our” planet was around billions of years before us, and it will continue on without us, the choice for survival is ours.

Hopefully, this inspires you to take action,

– Sofia Manriquez

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Founder of I'm passionate about all things environmental, although I've always had a particular connection with the ocean since I've grown up loving the beach. I would love to collaborate with others and meet friends who share environmental passions!

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