Introduction: Conservation

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One of the key parts of environmentalism is the conservation movement. Conservation of natural habitats, animal species, and so much more has been extensively researched and published by credible sources throughout the media. Human actions and lifestyle increasingly demands larger amounts of natural resources and substances for fuel, building materials, and other products, that surround us in our daily lives. In order to make sure these resources do not run out, or we do not over exploit them, conservation cannot be left for another day.

Unfortunately, conservation is not always first on the political agenda or recognized as a priority in our global economy. However, this downfall only makes conservation more important to environmentalists.

One of the best ways to consciously prioritize conservation for your community and larger scale regions is to stay informed. Increasing one’s awareness on conservation efforts is a crucial step into becoming environmentally conscious.

Hopefully the articles in this column will provide easy-to-understand knowledge on how to help you stay involved and become another productive member of your environmentalist community!

Published by Sofia Manriquez

Founder of I'm passionate about all things environmental, although I've always had a particular connection with the ocean since I've grown up loving the beach. I would love to collaborate with others and meet friends who share environmental passions!

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