Introduction: Our Efforts

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Although it’s in the title, we should in fact be doing a lot more than just conservation. In order to make “our” world a better place restoration is a crucial part to the environmentalist effort. In other words, there are many efforts we as humans can contribute to helping revitalize our dying planet, and it’s important we take this responsibility.

However, when looking up recent news about climate change, the taunting warnings online, it can seem hopelessly overwhelming. Often, people asks themselves “What is one person’s actions going to do? How can I truly make an impact as an individual?”. Nevertheless, taking action and jumping into the fight is an important step for every individual, even if it’s difficult to believe how one person’s efforts are significant, they are!

Whether someone is making an effort to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, taking part in protests, or voting for greener policies, every single individual action matters. At the end of the day, all of the individual efforts will add up, leading to the powerful impacts of the masses.

Keep up with this column to learn more about what the individual can do to be environmentally conscious to help not only their local community’s future, but also of their country, and even the planet!

Published by Sofia Manriquez

Founder of I'm passionate about all things environmental, although I've always had a particular connection with the ocean since I've grown up loving the beach. I would love to collaborate with others and meet friends who share environmental passions!

2 thoughts on “Introduction: Our Efforts

  1. It’s time for you to come to Colombia and see what your uncle has been doing for 30 years, gradually restoring 19 hectares of land from farm to native hábitat reserve. And see what a bunch of other individuals have been doing, on lesser and greater scale.
    Also, consider what individuals do as volunteers in native habitat restoration and reforestation. It’s good to protest to the extent that is effective. It’s even more necessary to participate. Even donating a little bit of money for micro projects, to help pioneer restorers pay for labor and materials, or travel for network creation and education, is something that young protestors can do. And write letters to legislators.


    1. I would LOVE to come visit! I 100% agree that volunteering in restoration efforts is an amazing and effective way to give back. I will definitely be covering all of the examples you provided. Thanks!


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