I’m a young author, who loves the ocean and the beach. Since I was little I’ve always built sand castles on the beach, boogie boarded in the waves, and snorkeled with my friends and family. It is very important to me to protect the place where I have made so many awesome memories. I have always known that human waste pollutes our ocean, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to catch on. A couple years ago I learned that 80% of the Caribbean’s coral was sick and dying. Just a little while ago I was researching a little deeper and found shocking statistics on the rest of the world under the sea. My family has always been good with recycling, not wasting water, using reusable containers rather than obscene amounts of plastic, but there are many many people who are not as conservative. And I believe that partially this is because they are not truly aware of the pollution and consequences the future holds for all of us.

So I started this blog. Little by little I will continue to add clear and simple statistics, there is no need to be a rocket science to know what is happening to our under water world. I’m hoping to spread awareness of ocean pollution and share easy ways to conserve our dying oceans, before it’s too late. Because if everyone showed a little effort, or even half of the population, our oceans would be doing a lot better than what they are now.

Im grateful that you have taken the time to inform yourself on the ongoing destruction, but I also hope that you try not only to help your future, but for the future of everyone else. Because if we are to make a difference, we’re going to have to come together.

Thank you,