The Meat Industry: What You and I Must Do

Quick disclaimer, I won’t spend the following paragraphs coercing you to go vegan, I myself am not even a vegetarian (although kudos to those who are). However, I will strongly advocate for less meat consumption, specifically beef, something that everyone can do and as a result experience many benefits. Although many headlines will scream atContinue reading “The Meat Industry: What You and I Must Do”

The Green New Deal: What It Really Means

Ever since the Green New Deal was introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Senator Ed Markey the resolution has been met with waves of criticism and support. Regardless, throughout party divisions and media coverage there has also been a lot of misinformation that has taken away from the imperative theme behind the Green NewContinue reading “The Green New Deal: What It Really Means”

My Breakthrough Junior Challenge Entry: Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Capture, and their Roles in Climate Change

This year I am competing in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge! Competitors were asked to submit a 3:00min (max) video explaining a scientific process in physics, mathematics, life sciences, or (this year only) Covid19. I wanted to incorporate my environmental interests and so I chose to explain the importance of carbon sequestration and the other processesContinue reading “My Breakthrough Junior Challenge Entry: Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Capture, and their Roles in Climate Change”

Nuclear Energy: Why We Shouldn’t Dismiss It

A couple months ago I would’ve shuddered at the idea of increasing nuclear energy. When I heard the word “nuclear” I immediately thought of its military uses and the devastating history behind nuclear warfare. News of nuclear accidents like the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima had also added to my immediate dismissal of theContinue reading “Nuclear Energy: Why We Shouldn’t Dismiss It”

Bhutan: The World’s Only Carbon Negative Country

Carbon emissions have long been discussed by scientists and lead to alarming warnings on the future of the world’s climate emergency. Scientists projected that fossil-fuel-related carbon dioxide emissions hit a record high of 37.1 billion metric tons in 2018, adding on that total carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere hit their highest level ever, atContinue reading “Bhutan: The World’s Only Carbon Negative Country”

The Guardian: On Refusing Fossil Fuel Financial Support

On Wednesday January 29th, 2020, The Guardian announced they would no longer accept advertising or funding from oil and gas companies. Effective immediately this environmentally conscious decision made a strong statement for the company, making it the first major global news organization to institute an outright ban on taking money from companies that extract fossilContinue reading “The Guardian: On Refusing Fossil Fuel Financial Support”

National Parks: Chile’s 10 million-acre Patagonia

World population is expected to reach 8 billionĀ peopleĀ in 2023 according to the United Nations (in 2026 according to the U.S. Census Bureau). There are A LOT of humans that call Earth their home, and apart from the land we take up from our houses, cities, and communities, other vast parts of land are being cultivatedContinue reading “National Parks: Chile’s 10 million-acre Patagonia”

Defeating the Palm Oil Industry: What You and I Can Do

As mentioned in a previous post, “Palm Oil: the Truth Behind the Lucrative Industry” (can be found under the “Conservation” category), the Palm oil industry poses a massive threat towards climate change, pollution, and endangered species like the orangutan. Unfortunately, palm oil has grown to become a highly popular product that finds itself in nearlyContinue reading “Defeating the Palm Oil Industry: What You and I Can Do”

Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

Happy Earth Day 2020! Today marks the 50th year that Earth day is officially celebrated, although in reality, shouldn’t Earth day be everyday? Earth Day was first officially declared April 22nd, 1970. However, environmentalist movements sparked earlier, particularity in 1962, when Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published and recognized globally as a New York TimesContinue reading “Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary”