The Meat Industry: Climate Change, and So Much More

Another article demanding I go vegan? Nope, that’s next week’s article, and even then, not quite. Today, I’m discussing the many layers of the meat industry, or more so its many many consequences. The topic of the meat industry is a complicated and lengthy conversation because it encompasses animal cruelty, environmental degradation, economic necessities, consumerContinue reading “The Meat Industry: Climate Change, and So Much More”

The Un-Level Playing Field: Marginalized Communities and their Climate Change Battle

The climate emergency our current world faces will inevitably impact us all. However, poorer, marginalized communities are already facing the brunt of consequences and will remain at much higher risk than those who are wealthier and able to afford repairs. The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, yet citizensContinue reading “The Un-Level Playing Field: Marginalized Communities and their Climate Change Battle”

Making History: Trump Orders Largest National Monument Reduction

Early this week I compiled an article on the massive environmental feat accomplished by the Chilean government and Tompkins Conservation (can be found under the Conservation tab). However, it seems that while Chile was courageously investing in expanding the amount of protected land in their country the United States was running in the opposite direction.Continue reading “Making History: Trump Orders Largest National Monument Reduction”

Microbiomes: AMR and the Environment

As young students we learn about the many basic aspects of biology. Whether it’s cells, genetics, or animal life. Personally, I don’t think I will ever forget my teacher drilling “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” into my brain, or Bill Nye’s theme song teaching me “inertia is a property of matter”. However,Continue reading “Microbiomes: AMR and the Environment”

Introduction: Why

Over humanity’s history, we have faced massive challenges like hunger, poverty, religious/cultural prosecution, and more. Unfortunately, we continue to face many of these issues even in the modern age. However, climate change poses a massive threat to humanity’s survival, along with the populations of flora and fauna across the globe. One of the many reasonsContinue reading “Introduction: Why”