Some would argue that the oceans, in reality, do not belong to anyone, and only to nature. I opinion that while the oceans are very much the home to millions of species of sea life, it is OUR responsibility to respect the oceans, and to keep them safe and beautiful. We are NOT doing our part. Our coral reefs, sea life, and oceanic environments, are fighting a war in which they are at a large disadvantage, and are in fact, loosing. But there is so much we can do to help save our shimmering seas, to do our part. Mind you I’m not going to say that we should stop all production of plastic, or anything drastic, I just want to show you that just by putting a small amount of effort, there will be much marine life playing in waves. I understand that with such a large population, there is bound to be plenty of waste and pollution, but the mass amount of garbage that our oceans are enduring is really unnecessary.
So I encourage you to look around my site, I’ve tried to gather information from many trustful sources to create an accurate and simple representation of the danger flooding our seas, so that we can all be aware and do our part to keep our waters healthy.
Thank you,
– Sofia
PS – Feel free to read a little about me in the About Me section, I really hope this site is successful in making people aware, and that ultimately, our oceans gain some strength.
PSS – if any of my information displayed seems inaccurate, please contact me, I’m not trying to bend the truth, thanks.