Let’s Talk About Mangroves

Mangroves. What? Exactly. We learn about the environmental properties of oceans and coral reefs, forests and grasslands, but what about blending all of that together? Before learning about Wildcoast, a conservation company based in San Diego, and their restoration efforts in Baja California I was unfamiliar with mangroves, but to describe them as ecosystems whereContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Mangroves”

Making History: Trump Orders Largest National Monument Reduction

Early this week I compiled an article on the massive environmental feat accomplished by the Chilean government and Tompkins Conservation (can be found under the Conservation tab). However, it seems that while Chile was courageously investing in expanding the amount of protected land in their country the United States was running in the opposite direction.Continue reading “Making History: Trump Orders Largest National Monument Reduction”

National Parks: Chile’s 10 million-acre Patagonia

World population is expected to reach 8 billionĀ peopleĀ in 2023 according to the United Nations (in 2026 according to the U.S. Census Bureau). There are A LOT of humans that call Earth their home, and apart from the land we take up from our houses, cities, and communities, other vast parts of land are being cultivatedContinue reading “National Parks: Chile’s 10 million-acre Patagonia”

Carbon Sequestration: How Forests Fight Global Warming

In my freshman year biology class I learned about photosynthesis and the carbon cycle. Photosynthesis taught me that plants extract their nutrition from carbon dioxide and water with the help of sunshine, and this played a role in the carbon cycle (where carbon dioxide would in term be stored within plants and sediments). In ninthContinue reading “Carbon Sequestration: How Forests Fight Global Warming”