The Meat Industry: What You and I Must Do

Quick disclaimer, I won’t spend the following paragraphs coercing you to go vegan, I myself am not even a vegetarian (although kudos to those who are). However, I will strongly advocate for less meat consumption, specifically beef, something that everyone can do and as a result experience many benefits. Although many headlines will scream atContinue reading “The Meat Industry: What You and I Must Do”

The Meat Industry: Climate Change, and So Much More

Another article demanding I go vegan? Nope, that’s next week’s article, and even then, not quite. Today, I’m discussing the many layers of the meat industry, or more so its many many consequences. The topic of the meat industry is a complicated and lengthy conversation because it encompasses animal cruelty, environmental degradation, economic necessities, consumerContinue reading “The Meat Industry: Climate Change, and So Much More”

The Guardian: On Refusing Fossil Fuel Financial Support

On Wednesday January 29th, 2020, The Guardian announced they would no longer accept advertising or funding from oil and gas companies. Effective immediately this environmentally conscious decision made a strong statement for the company, making it the first major global news organization to institute an outright ban on taking money from companies that extract fossilContinue reading “The Guardian: On Refusing Fossil Fuel Financial Support”